Why You Should Consider Living In A Park Home

Living in a Park Home comes with a host of benefits, not least of which include the reduced responsibilities of owning a large house and any inconveniences that come along with living in an overpopulated neighbourhood.

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10 Great Reasons Why You Should Part Exchange Your Home

When you’re coming up to retirement and are finally able to do all those things you've wanted to do for years, like seeing more of the grandkids and spending your time relaxing rather than rushing off to the daily commute, you...

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20 Things You Must Do in Your Retirement

Retirement is a time for relaxation, comfort - and adventure. How you choose to make the most of it is down to your personal interests, tastes and the funds available to you, but here are 20 things you must do in your retirement...

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9 Part Time Jobs For Retirees

Many people nowadays choose to continue working, to some extent, after they reach retirement age. This could be to release some capital, make a little extra spending money, or it could be just to stay active in later life. [ ]

Ten of the Best Things to Do in Retirement

Hooray! You made it! They’re finally over, all those years of getting up each weekday morning, going to work, coming home and making tea before going to bed and starting all over again the next day. Welcome to the beginning of a...

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Dream Lifestyle: What are the Benefits of Living in a Park Home?

Considering escaping traditional living for a carefree life in the country? More and more people these days are choosing park home living as a way to enjoy a peaceful and cost effective retirement, away from the high living...

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