Top 5 Hobbies to Pick Up in Retirement

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Start your retirement the way you want it with our selection of hobbies which are perfect for life after work.

The most beautiful thing about retirement is the mouth-watering amount of free time that unlocks itself once you stop working. Those projects given up in the face of full-time employment and those pipedreams surrendered to the children, this is their time to shine. You’ve got your dream park home, you’ve got your friends and family, you are the priority now and it’s your show.

So, what to do with all that freedom? Why, pick yourself a hobby! This is the perfect time, and there are so many to pick from.


The world is your oyster, and retiring is your first step on a path which can lead you around the world. There are a range of different providers who offer holidays for the newly retired and of particular interest ought to be the escorted holiday option. These expert-led group tours are not only simple and hassle-free, but they also offer the perfect environment for meeting like-minded friends in exciting new places. A good resource to check out is Silver Travel Advisor, who are experts on holidays for the retired ( Rediscover your wanderlust and head on out into the great beyond!


Want to do something worthwhile in support of a good cause? Volunteering from retirement gives you a chance to try your hand at a fresh career or pursue a new interest. If you’ve wanted to work with animals try the RSPCA or an animal shelter or if you’ve wanted to be the ear for people who have no one to listen, try the Samaritans. To find your ideal volunteering opportunity, take a look at and their directory of voluntary organisations. Whichever you pick, you’ll have new goals to strive for and new projects to jump on!


Staying fit and healthy is one of the most important things for those who are thinking of retiring, and one of the most relaxing and simple forms of exercise is walking. Pack yourself up, gather some walking partners, grab your rations and hit the trail for a gentle and rewarding hobby that requires little preparation and no training. Even when you’re by yourself, walking offers a chance for peaceful reflection and quiet solitude.


When you reach the age where retiring becomes an option, you’ve probably gathered enough life experience to fill several books, inspire a number of films and tell hundreds of stories. So why not share it with a blog based on a topic of your choice? Where there is something to say, there are people to hear it; whether it's your expertise on a given subject, your thoughts on current affairs, or just insights into the life you’ve led, getting it all down on your computer and out onto the internet can be both cathartic and fulfilling. A good place to start is, where you can build your blog using helpful blog creation software.


Often, a crafting hobby requires a respectable amount of practice before the results are something to be proud of, and one of the most frustrating parts about pursuing a creative hobby in your younger days is there is simply no time for this practice. For those who make the step into retirement, that time is now yours, and those creative hobbies are just waiting to be mastered and perfected. Take up the saw for some decorative carpentry, fire up the kiln for some kiln-formed glass making, pull up the easel for some watercolour painting – the arts and craft scene yours to conquer!

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