Top 5 Travel Tips to Enjoy Travelling in Retirement

Top 5 Travel Tips to Enjoy Travelling in Retirement

When you daydreamed about retiring, you may have thought about pottering around your garden in Peterborough or spending quality time with your grandchildren. Now the time has come, though, perhaps you are considering a slightly more adventurous pastime – travelling!

However, as a conscientious homeowner who has spent many years paying off your mortgage, you will have a few more things to consider than a carefree teenager on a gap year.

So, here are our top five tips for travelling during your retirement:

1. Get peace of mind with travel insurance

Whether you're heading off for a trek in the Himalayas or planning to relax with a mojito on the beaches of Mustique, taking out travel insurance beforehand will ensure you are covered for all eventualities.

Even the Post Office offers plans these days, so your best bet is to compare prices online and select one that provides you with transport, accommodation, possessions and medical cover. Remember to pay attention to the pre-existing conditions provision!

If you're eligible, sign up for the free European Health Insurance Card. It guarantees emergency treatment in participating countries, but make sure to check the details of each place before you leave!

2. Secure your home

It might seem obvious but even if you're just planning to take a few weekend trips, it's essential that you protect your most prized asset.

Invest in a reliable alarm system, such as those offered by ADT or Yale. If you're tech savvy, consider a system with a remote viewing option so that you can check on your home for peace of mind.

Another important security step is to install a timer that will automatically switch on your lights at pre-programmed intervals to give the impression that your house is occupied.

3. Take advantage of the off-season

They say that the best thing about grandchildren is that you get to hand them back to their weary parents! Similarly, one of the benefits of retirement is that you can travel at any point in the year without having to consider term times.

It's crucial that you take advantage of this flexibility! Consider booking a trip to Spain or the USA during one of the quieter times by using a website like SkyScanner to peruse a range of places and dates.

Not only will this greatly reduce your travel and accommodation costs, but it will also allow for a more leisurely trip with fewer crowds and less hassle.

4. Sign up for a tour

If you're single during retirement, or you simply want to meet some fellow retirees outside of Peterborough, then taking a tour is a fantastic way to engage with people and learn about a new place.

In conjunction with Age UK, Silver Travel Advisor offers a range of options and information to help you locate the perfect trip and accommodate any extra needs you might have.

If you want to visit multiple locations without the need for tiring airline travel, also consider booking a relaxing cruise. With organised activities and plenty of leisure time, a cruise offers a luxurious way to explore the world and interact with others while avoiding the fatigue of a long trip.

5. Consider a staycation

Lastly, remember that not all travel involves jetting off to the other side of the world!

During a demanding working life, most people do not have the opportunity to explore the White Cliffs of Dover, catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights in Scotland, or roam the English moors that inspired generations of writers. 

Check out all of the options with Visit Britain and explore some of the awe-inspiring locations on your own doorstep.

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Disclaimer: this article is general information only and does not constitute financial, legal, medical or other form of professional advice. You should not base any decisions solely on this information. Always obtain independent, professional advice, from multiple sources, for your own particular situation.

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