The 20 Most Time-Consuming Household Chores

household chores

In September 2017, Ideal Home Magazine reported that the average Brit spends a staggering 2175 days in their lifetime carrying out household chores.

In their survey of 2000 people, the results show that the most time consuming chore is cooking. The average Brit spends 253 minutes per week in the kitchen cooking meals. That’s the equivalent of 219 hours per year, or 439 days over the course of your lifetime.

Sadly, there are many chores that are difficult to escape from.

Here is Ideal Home's list of Britain’s 20 most time-consuming household chores, starting with the worst offender.

1. Cooking
253 minutes per week, 439 days in a lifetime

2. Washing clothes
102 minutes per week, 177 days in a lifetime

3. Weekly food shop
100 minutes per week, 173 days in a lifetime

4. Washing up
98 minutes per week, 170 days in a lifetime

5. Gardening
86 minutes per week, 149 days in a lifetime

6. Walking the dog
71 minutes per week, 123 days in a lifetime

7. Cleaning the bathroom, including the toilet
68 minutes per week, 118 days in a lifetime

8. Vacuuming, especially the stairs
67 minutes per week, 116 days in a lifetime

9. Ironing
61 minutes per week, 106 days in a lifetime
In one survey, almost a third of people avoided ironing altogether.

10. Tidying bedroom
50 minutes per week, 87 days in a lifetime

11. Changing beds/towels
47 minutes per week, 81 days in a lifetime

12. Dusting
44 minutes per week, 76 days in a lifetime

13. Tidying cupboards
39 minutes per week, 68 days in a lifetime

14. Sorting wardrobe
32 minutes per week, 55 days in a lifetime

15. Washing windows, particularly exterior windows
32 minutes per week, 55 days in a lifetime
Many people either don’t bother at all, or pay professionals to do it.

16. Decorating
26 minutes per week, 45 days in a lifetime

17. Cleaning car
24 minutes per week, 42 days in a lifetime

18. Sewing/mending clothes
22 minutes per week, 38 days in a lifetime

19. Driveway cleaning
17 minutes per week, 29 days in a lifetime

20. Patio cleaning
16 minutes per week, 28 days in a lifetime 

As you can see, every major household chore is very time-consuming. However, as we get older and come to retirement our careers and childcare responsibilities, moving to easy maintenance accommodation becomes more feasible, and at least some of these chores can be gotten rid of altogether.

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