The Benefits of Living in a Residential Park Home for Dog Owners

The benefits for dog owners living in a residential park home

Moving to a residential park home can only benefit dogs as they are happiest when surrounded by nature. Dogs are a part of the family so after retirement and when considering moving house, we can't help but think about how such a move will affect our beloved pooch. Thankfully, you can put your mind at ease as there are several ways that moving to a park home will benefit your dog.


Just like for us humans, nature is good for dogs. They love exploring, running, digging and playing in nature. Unlike living in more densely populated areas, in nature, they are able to enjoy these activities more often. According to Animal Wellness Magazine, being outside helps maintain your dog's healthy weight, reduces their anxiety and depression and provides them with much needed fresh air and vitamin D. In addition, having physical contact with the earth is rejuvenating for them.

Another article by Pet Coach states that dogs love being outdoors so much that a five-minute potty break is never enough.


When living in a park home within a residential park, you'll feel more comfortable letting your dog off the leash to have a little roam around than you would in a city or town as you don't have to worry too much about the dangers of road traffic. Keep in mind that letting your dog off a leash must always be done with caution and with respect to other homeowners. Find some useful information about how you can let your dog off a leash safely by clicking here.

The benefits of living in a residential park home for dog owners


We've all heard our vet tell us about how exercise is good for our dogs and when you enjoy the scenery, you'll be more likely to take long walks! As most residential park homes are surrounded by nature, there is more space to explore with your dog during walks since it won't be up and down the usual streets in your previous more densely populated neighbourhood. According to an article on the Pedigree website, it turns out that letting your dog run around freely is not enough, taking them for a walk yourself is also necessary to keep them healthy.

Pet friends

While you will meet new people and make new friends, so will your dog! Many residents of luxury park homes will have their own pets for yours to get acquainted with and play with. They'll be looking forward to exploring the new area together. Psychology Today provides a great article giving examples that show how dogs need to have their own canine friends as they are social animals.

The benefits of living in a residential park home for dogsNearby vets

Although most luxury park homes are surrounded by beautiful countryside, there are always nearby towns where you can find a local vet to take your dog to and stay up to date with his or her healthcare.

TOP TIP: Always remember to give your dog a personal tour of your new home to acclimatise them to it. It may take a couple of days for them to adjust but they will soon start to feel right at home. After all, for your pet, home is where you are!   

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