Park Home Lifestyles Offer a Superior Quality of Living

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More than 250,000 Brits now live in park homes, either in the UK or overseas, and numbers are continuing to rise annually. 

There are some great reasons why living in park homes has become so popular, these include:

  • More relaxed pace of life
  • Sense of community
  • Properties are low maintenance
  • Security and safety
  • Spacious surrounds, often situated in countryside environments
  • Affordability

Benefits of living in a park home

If you're thinking about adopting a park home lifestyle, check these following additional reasons to make the move:

1. Locations and affordability

Park home ownership gives you the opportunity to move to an affordable property and they are often situated in some of the most desirable locations in the UK. You can expect to move into a luxurious property, often featuring extensive parkland or acres of landscaped grounds to give a real feel of living in the countryside. Why not part exchange your home? Leisure Parks Luxury Living offer a Home Exchange Scheme to make your move even more affordable and stress free.

2. Better quality of life

Many park home residents discover a far superior quality of life, offering both independence and leisure facilities. Park homes offer friendly communities with a real sense of being a part of a neighbourhood or small village, where everyone looks out for each other. 

3. Low maintenance designs with energy efficiency built in

Park homes are designed to be as low maintenance as possible. Their single storey layout and use of excellent construction materials mean that expensive repairs are unnecessary. This is ideal for older park home residents, who really don't want to be bothered with regular maintenance and upkeep of a property any longer. Low energy bills are also a feature of park homes, as they are constructed to the most up-to-date levels of energy efficiency. Residents also qualify for the minimum levels of council tax on park homes. 

4. Ideal for older couples

Park homes are an ideal choice for older couples as they face retirement as they offer a superior quality of living. Alongside all the advantages listed above, you'll find park home country parks are generally pretty level, making it easy to move around freely even when infirmities start to appear. 

Leisure Parks UK offer fully furnished residential park homes which all feature their own relaxing balcony and we have a variety of living packages to suit any requirements. Get in touch for more information. 

Click below to watch this tender video of residents to see what a great decision they made...

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