How To Sleep Better In Retirement; and Why Your Bedroom Matters!

sleep better in retirement

The science behind sleep is complex, as it is connected to the largely mysterious workings of the human brain. What is clear is that lack of sleep – or poor quality sleep – can have a detrimental effect on your health, wellbeing, concentration levels and moods.

During your retirement years, you’re likely to experience significant changes in your sleep patterns. According to the National Sleep Foundation, it’s common for older people to find it harder to get to sleep and to stay asleep all night. Not just because of visits to the toilet either!

Do you struggle to remember the last time you woke in the morning feeling fresh as a daisy and full of energy? You’re far from alone, as around 16 million UK adults report suffering from disturbed sleep. Around 31% feel they have full-blown insomnia (according to figures from the UK Office of National Statistics).

NHS advice on sleep is that it’s vital to your health, and lack of it increases the risk of such conditions as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Bad sleep patterns have also been linked to premature cell ageing and higher risk from cancer! Which was why the World Sleep Day slogan for 2019 was “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging.”

Put bluntly, if you’re not sleeping well in your retirement you‘re shortening your life expectancy....

Taking worries away in retirement

This may sound common sense, but a lot of restless sleepers are largely unaware of the anxieties that disturb them.

Managing household bills and maintaining a large property can create stress.

One of the main benefits of buying a park home in one of our beautiful and serene Country Parks is that you open your door to a fully furnished retirement property, that offers incredible peace of mind. No more maintenance worries, and clear easy to manage living costs!

park home master bedroom

Night-time environment

Retirement is a great time to change your whole living environment for other reasons too.

For example, could ambient sounds be affecting your sleep quality now that you’re older and it’s harder “nod off”? Traffic and people walking past your property could jolt you awake, making sleep elusive. Moving to country park homes guarantees quiet nights.

In older properties (and some newer ones, unfortunately) it’s also challenging to get the temperature just right in bedrooms. That can be important to restful slumber, and purpose-designed properties for retirement have intuitive ventilation and heat controls.

master bedroom in park home

Bed wisdom

When you move to an easy to manage and peaceful retirement park home, it’s the ideal time to buy a better bed! A lot of people hang on to beds for sentimental reasons, or because it’s served them well for many years. Your rest could be affected by poking springs, sagging spots or an uneven sleep surface.

It’s important to find a bed – and especially a mattress – to suit your body weight and shape, and that responds to your individual sleep movement and shape. It’s also possible to find mattresses that offer “dual” comfort, so both you and your partner have appropriate slumber support.

sleep better in a park home master bedroom

Sleep nutrition and routine

Good sleep habits hinge on a regular routine; even though retirement means not being a slave to clocks!

It’s tempting to avoid liquids before bedtime, for fear of trips to the bathroom. However, having proper hydration is more soothing – and leads to fewer issues such as headaches. You certainly must avoid supper foods that are complex to digest – like cheese – as they can make your sleep quality a “nightmare”.

no night disturbances in a park home bedroom

Shedding light on improved sleep

Let there be no light! Even the smallest amount can interfere with your brain’s progression through the important cycles of natural sleep – especially regular REM (rapid eye movement) phases which are vital.

For details of how to sleep easy in one of our luxury fully furnished park homes, click below to view our brochures and a member of our friendly team will be in touch. We can’t resist saying it – you snooze, you lose!


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