8 Reasons To Choose A Single Storey Property in Retirement

8 Reasons To Choose A Single Storey Property in Retirement

Are you considering moving to a single storey property? If so, it's a fantastic choice to make. There are plenty of benefits available to those looking to downsize to single storey living - predominantly the fact it can help to improve your quality of life and make things easier as you get older and life gets a little more difficult. Single storey living enables you to retain your sense of independence at all stages of life, to keep you where you belong - in your own home.

Here are 8 reasons to choose a single storey property in retirement:

1. Easy to clean

It can be really challenging to lug heavy vacuum cleaners up and down multiple staircases. It's also a real pain having to hoover the staircase itself, which can involve dragging long vacuum hoses up and down. If you choose to move into a single storey home, this can all be a thing of the past. It is much easier and faster to go from one end of the house to the other in a single hassle free motion.

It'll soon be sparkling clean, and will be even quicker for you to then dust, mop and tidy up. You'll need fewer cleaning supplies, and will probably have less spare rooms to worry about, too. That's just one of the many benefits of single-storey homes.

There's also far fewer out of reach spots to worry about, which are much less of a pain to access. You'll be able to reach all areas and won't need to worry about those particularly tough areas in stairwells.

2. Increased safety

One of the major causes of injuries in the home are staircases - especially as people get older and begin to lose their balance. They're just as much a pain for young children, too. If you have a staircase, you will eventually have to think about installing a stairlift, which can be expensive.

If you want to plan for the future, a single storey home will be far more efficient. This is even more so for people who suffer from arthritis or have a hip replacement and find climbing upstairs painful on joints. You can leave the safety concerns of a slippery or steep staircase behind with a single storey building.

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3. Fire escapes

In the event of a fire, you will find it much easier to escape in a single storey home. If you need to climb out of a window because the doors are blocked, the drop from the window is much lower and safer. You won't need to worry about jumping from any dangerous heights. Again, if there are any other dangers, such as smoke or burglars, you'll be able to easily flee.

4. Less height, more space

Just because you may be down sizing from a two storey property to one, that isn't to say you are compromising on space. Without a clunky and large staircase and cumbersome landing space, you'll actually have a far more efficient living space.

It may potentially have less space on a square-feet basis, but it'll probably be laid out in a far more logical way. You'll still have the same access to loft space, too, for storage, and typically outside space such as a shed or garage.


5. Temperature benefits

It can often take a lot longer to heat and cool a two storey home, and there are also cost implications, too. You'll have to have your radiators on for longer, and it'll be harder to manage the heat that you do have between upstairs and down. In a single storey home, you'll find it much easier to keep your home at a consistent, moderate temperature. It'll be much quicker and easier to heat it up and cool it down. You may also be able to invest in underfloor heating, which will be more economic in the long run and will free your home from having radiators on the wall.

6. Less energy

The simple fact of a one storey house is that they're much easier to get around without needing to climb up and down stairs every day. All of your major necessities, from bedroom to bathroom, are located on one floor. You won't need to worry about carrying furniture or laundry upstairs, and it'll be much less exhausting when cleaning, too.

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7. Sound travels

It's a lot quieter when living in a one storey building. Unlike a two storey property, you won't have to contend with noise travelling between different floors. Whether someone is watching television or listening to music, it'll be far less distracting and won't stop anyone from getting the good night's sleep or quiet time that they're after. You'll still have privacy, but will just be more protected from travelling noise without any disturbance.

8. Cheaper to decorate

With fewer rooms to worry about, a one storey property is much easier and more cost effective to decorate. It won't require as much carpet, paint or wallpaper and you won't need to worry about those hard to reach places, such as stairwells. Read our article on our 5 Top Tips to turn you house into a home.

You can choose all types of single storey homes to move in to, from bungalows that may need a little more TLC to brand new fully furnished park homes that have a modern interior already developed - there is as much choice in single storey living as there is with all other kinds of properties. The choice is yours.

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