Safety & Security Matters; Get Peace of Mind from Living in a Park Home

Safety and security matters; get peace of mind from living in a park home

There’s lots to consider when we reach our retirement, but one of the main ones is a desire to sit back and relax free from worry. Safety and security can be a big concern when we get a little older and living in a park home can offer reassurance and peace of mind.

By their very nature and location, Country Parks are quiet and restful places in which to live in retirement. Most parks do not experience the issues associated with towns, cities and housing estates. For many people, moving to a Park Home in retirement means swapping a busy urban life for one in the peace and quiet of the countryside. But what are the main safety and security benefits from opting to live in a park home in retirement?

Security on site

Most Park Home Country Parks have a variety of security measures which are offered as standard. The comings and goings of park life tend to be monitored with number plate recognition, security barriers to restrict entry and exit and CCTV cameras in place. Security staff are usually on hand in each park 24 hours a day.

This gives peace of mind for you living on the park in retirement and for your family and friends when visiting. If feeling secure and safe in your home is of paramount concern, choosing a park home can offer just that.

Secure and social communities

Park Home Parks by their very nature develop a neighbourly sense of community that you might not otherwise enjoy when living on a housing estate or in a suburban place. People tend to know each other and look out for each other. Close-knit communities develop and familiar faces will ensure you feel safe living in a friendly environment.

Residents get to know the management of the site well and become familiar with security and other staff who are onsite. It’s reassuring to know that you can summon help should you need it from people who are on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff often live on site which helps engender a sense of security.

Out of harm’s way

Downsizing to a Park Home means swapping what may be a busy city life for one in a relaxed and attractive part of the countryside. Country Parks are generally occupied by no one else but the residents. Neighbours look out for each other because of the close-knit sense of community.

You may even have concerns about where you live currently. Many of the people who opt to swap a suburban lifestyle for one on a park do so because they have become worried about their neighbourhood and whether they can go out and about safely and be able to secure their property.

Health and safety

All Residential Park Home Country Parks are required to have rigorous health and safety procedures covering such things as road safety, fire safety and ways to tackle any antisocial behaviour. Residential Retirement Parks also have maintenance and upkeep programmes in place to ensure the environment in which you live is kept safe, secure, clean and pleasant.

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Disclaimer: this article is general information only and does not constitute financial, legal, medical or other form of professional advice. You should not base any decisions solely on this information. Always obtain independent, professional advice, from multiple sources, for your own particular situation.

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