Retirement Doesn't Have To Be Lonely: Here's How

 Retirement does not have to be lonely

Worrying about loneliness when retiring? Here are some ways to stay close to those who matter.

Lots of people approaching retirement have concerns about how their social lives will be affected, but loneliness doesn't have to be a part of growing older. By being ready to adapt to a different style of life, it's possible to take certain steps to ensure you stay firmly connected to your nearest and dearest while meeting new people too. Take a look at these tips on how you can avoid feelings of isolation and develop deeper human connections with those around you.

1. Choose a park home closer to your family

If your family live far away then this could be a great opportunity to be closer to them. Many retired people lose touch with previous colleagues once they leave the world of work, so it's important to surround yourself with a new support network. Being closer to your children and grandchildren also means you can support them by hosting a Sunday dinner or picking up the kids from school.

2. Get involved with park home life

It might be tempting to just enjoy your new home and disregard the community outside, but residential park homes have a lot to offer when it comes to socialisation and activities. Step out of your comfort zone and take part in trips, picnics, or casual gatherings to get to know the people in your new community. With everyone being in the same boat as you, you'll be surrounded by other friendly faces who are keen to make new connections. If you feel daunted at the thought of going to a social event right away, start by introducing yourself to those who live next door and inviting them round for a coffee. 

3. Recommend a park home to your friends

Moving away can mean losing touch with friends, but if your friends are in a similar situation to you, then maybe they'd like to try park home life too. This way, you could keep the connection going and feel less alone in a new place. If it's not possible for your friends to make the move to a park home, get technology savvy and video call them regularly. You might not be able to meet up all the time, but you can remain a constant presence in one another's lives. 

4. Don't give up on your community

If you're moving to a park home that's still relatively close to your hometown, there's no need to give up what you had before. Just because you're taking a step away into a new community doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to your old one. Whether you were part of a church group or volunteered on the weekends, it's important that you still make the effort to do these things you enjoy with people you know. 

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