Residential Parks - Community spirit

Community spirit, find it amongst your neighbours on a Residential Park.

With such a strange 12 months behind us, many are looking at their lifestyles and places they call home. Many of us find ourselves longing for that community spirit of yester year and many local communities have come together in great fashion to support one another. This type of community spirit is a key factor in choosing to The Power of Community Quotes | Ellevatelive in a residential park home. Living among like minded and similar aged people you find yourself having similar lifestyles, interests and so much more.

The community spirit found on parks like ours in simply superb and is hard to find elsewhere. Our park homes by their very nature promote safe communication between neighbours. Just imagine have a coffee on your private decking that is close enough to have a civil conversation with your neighbour sat on their deck. 

We have found that the support offered by neighbours on our parks is huge and has helped many in this very difficult time during the pandemic.  In addition being close in proximity to others we have found many have not suffered in isolation as you so often see others.

Find your dream community on one of our stunning Residential Parks in Essex, Kent or Cambridgeshire.

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