Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Park Home

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If you are contemplating retirement and looking for a new adventure, have you ever considered purchasing a park home? Park homes are a popular investment for retirees as well as younger persons hoping to live a more relaxed and subtle lifestyle away from urban living.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should buy a park home:

1. A brand-new lifestyle

If you plan on selling up your current home once you have retired, a park home could be the perfect way to reap a large sum of money to support you throughout your retirement. Park homes are significantly cheaper than bricks and mortar homes; therefore, they make a great investment if you think a park lifestyle would suit you.

2. Cheaper Council Tax

You are not only saving money by buying the park home itself, but you will also be saving on your Council Tax which is a huge plus. The majority of park homes have the lowest tax rates!

3. Cheaper energy bills

Yes….there is a third way to save money by buying a park home. You can also save money on your energy bills. Park homes are designed to be much more energy efficient than any standard bricks and mortar property. You may be wondering how. Well, park homes are made from timber structures which keep the home insulated as well as containing low-emission glass windows and doors. You simply couldn’t ask for much more in terms of energy efficiency.

4. Community spirit

Unlike living in urban areas where a busy lifestyle prevents you from communicating with neighbours and passers-by, park living means that you will never get lonely, even if you do live alone in your park home. There are often social events to get involved with too so that you can meet new people.

5. Staying safe

Unlike living in an urban household where it is your responsibility to keep your property and possessions safe, parks are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that all residents are safe. It is a fantastic feeling knowing that you can leave your park home with the reassurance that it is in safe hands.

6. Open spaces

Park homes are usually situated in wide open spaces, so there is often plenty of opportunity for country walks to keep you healthy and active. Between each home, you have your own plot of land, often a small garden and a communal garden too. If you have grandchildren, they will be spoilt for choice on where they would prefer to play!

7. Low maintenance

Unlike bricks and mortar homes, you needn’t worry about the upkeep of keeping it maintained and tidy. Communal areas are tended to by gardeners, therefore there is no need to do the gardening. If you are green-fingered, there are opportunities to get stuck in, but the great thing is that it is your choice. Park homes are also built to last, therefore repairs will be very uncommon so that you can enjoy your retirement in peace.

There are even more reasons to buy a park home, for both financial reasons and quality of life. If you're looking for a new start, why not consider investing in a park home?

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