Planning for retirement in 2018?

planning for retirement

Planning for retirement is something we spend a large chunk of our free time doing, especially when it comes to deciding what your living situation will be.

Instead of thinking of these life-changing decisions as a burden, think of them as a chance for a fresh start. You will soon find that as your plan your retirement you are filled with a sense of empowerment. Your destiny is in your own hands and retirement can be something which you welcome as the next chapter of your life.

For most people the potential move to a new retirement home is often the last move they will make. So, before you make the leap it is important to sit down and work out exactly what you are looking for. It's also important to discuss your retirement plans and your inheritance with your children, grandchildren, and next of kin. It is common for many people to want a home which is easy to care for, all on one level and with a small, manageable outdoor space. But, you should also consider the location and activities available nearby.

Many retirees find that park home accommodation provides them with a little bit of everything. Although smaller than most homes, they feel spacious and are very easy to maintain and care for. They also give many retirees a great level of independence with the comfort of knowing that they have a close network of friends on site. For many people, the site becomes a very sociable place with lots of new friends and activities to become involved in.

One of the main reasons those entering retirement downsize is to free up equity in their current home. It is important to enjoy this new chapter of life, and for most of us a little extra in the bank will give us the means to tick off our bucketlist or share some of the wealth with family members. A park home can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of many homes, which leaves a large sum spare to see you through the retirement years. But, you would still benefit from the safety net of owning a secure asset.

It is understandable that leaving a property which is often the family home is a big wrench, but retirement is a new and exciting chapter. It is about enjoying the fruits of the years of your labour and spending time with loved ones.

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