5 Top Tips to Turn Your House into a Home


Living in luxury can be as simple as refreshing your décor and as satisfying as finding hidden gems in your local charity shops. In this article we look at how you can spend less time decorating and more time admiring your luxurious Cambridgeshire or Essex Park Home.

When it comes to decorating your home, it can often be a tall order that often turns into one of your weekend chores. We show you how to turn your house into a home and why creating a space to be proud of doesn’t need to take up your entire weekend, so you can enjoy your home.

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1. Timeless classics

We’ve all started decorating our homes with a nod to the current trends and by the time we finish, trends have moved on and it’s time to start redecorating again! The best thing you can do for your money and your time is to stick to décor that won’t go out of fashion. It goes without saying that muted tones and subtle colours are a brilliant base, but it doesn’t need to be dull. You can always accessorise with scatter cushions and throws that reflect your personality or just to brighten up a classically beautiful room.

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2. Picture this

One of the simplest ways to add sparkle and colour to walls and surfaces is with a piece of art or a photo. You could choose your favourite moment or the best shot of all the family and have it displayed on a canvas. It could even be as quick as a few select photos in ornate frames on top of a sideboard! Alternatively, you could find a hidden masterpiece at a village fair or school fête, waiting for a wall to show it off. If you're feeling adventurous you could create your own masterpiece with a picture wall; a statement focal point to show off your collection or even just to admire your fondest memories. The key with this is to plan and to vary the sizes to create a your own piece of unique art!


3. Looking for a DIY project?

You could update furniture you already have to tie in with the above trends. However, with our region’s wealth of history, it’s only natural that your Essex or Cambridgeshire park home should feature some of it (with a twist). If you are a keen DIYer, why not scour your local charity or antiques shop for furniture and set some time aside to give it a new lease of life? The easiest way to transform tired tables and drawers is with a new coat of paint or even trying a different colour. The hardest thing is to make sure you only buy pieces you need, so you don’t end up with more of a project than you planned to take on! Don't make these mistakes though.


4. Less is more

If you’re the sort of person who reaches for the bright tester pots, you might have been doing a great deal of head shaking up until this point. But keeping colours neutral means that you can add more colourful accessories and when it’s time for a change, there's no re-decorating required! Instead you only need to change soft furnishings like curtains, pictures, cushions, throws and rugs.


5. Flora and fauna

We’re not suggesting you turn your park home into something worthy of a gold medal at Chelsea, but plants, flowers and greenery can make a house a home. The obvious place for plants is outside, creating another dimension to your home’s exterior but it’s also a brilliant way to bring the outside in. Adding flowers to a room immediately adds personality and colour but if they’re not your thing, you could try growing herbs and other ingredients in your kitchen! Some great indoor plants can be found here.

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