Is park home ownership a good option for you?

is park home ownership a good option

Park homes are now more popular than ever before with many individuals seriously considering the benefits of living in a park home as they approach retirement. You need to carefully consider if a park home is a good investment choice for you, and if you would be happy living in a park home. Below we share some useful information if you are thinking about buying a park home.

The importance of location

Location should be your first priority. Perhaps it is next to family members, or perhaps you want a clean break. No matter where the location is, it needs to be the right location for you. It is vital that you research your chosen area and the actual park. Go and have a look around the park home site, both during the day and evening. Meet other residents and ask them about their experiences living in a park home. Doing so will give you an idea of the park home environment and if it is right for you.

Is the park environment right for you?

You need to carefully consider your changing needs as you approach retirement. Do you want a slower pace of life, with the additional support and comfort of an environment where other like minded people live? Will the park home cover regular maintenance issues and help with your daily living? All of these needs should be carefully considered so that you get the right park home for you.

Is the buying process difficult?

When you choose to buy a park home then there are obviously concerns about the buying process and if it is a lengthy and difficult one. The good news is that buying a park home is often a simple process. The park home manager can often guide you through the buying process and you may not even need to use a solicitor.

A cheaper option

The good news is that buying a park home is much cheaper than buying a traditional home. This is good news if you are planning to downsize and make your pension last that little bit longer. Park homes on average last for around 60 years, and cost a lot less to build and maintain. Park homes also retain their value, making them a great investment.

Park homes really are a wise investment choice if you want to downsize, save money and have a complete change of scenery.

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