Multiple advantages of single storey living in retirement


Sometimes, less is more! And that includes living in a single storey home to enjoy lots of important benefits and an easier life.

Rapidly advancing technology is making it easier to live well, with ever greater levels of convenience and control over our everyday environment. But sometimes, it’s the simple changes that we make, that can ensure our life becomes easier.

Take for example moving to a single storey property. There are benefits to be gained whether you are 85 or 55!


When children “fly the nest”, many people choose to downsize their home. It frees up equity and makes it possible to have lower bills, less housework and simpler maintenance. It can also lead to a much cosier home, in your dream location.

For many, this naturally involves selecting residential park homes, where properties are flawlessly matched to individual specifications, including low level luxury living space. 

Here's an interesting fact. Some homeowners find themselves with larger living rooms to relax in, when they opt for property all on one level. Sweeping stairways take up space! 

What other benefits are there?

Who wants more energy and less aches?

Modern medical science means we’re living longer and staying more active in our golden years. But that doesn’t mean we have to put extra stress and strain on our bodies!

A move to a property with no stairs can help you to conserve more energy for the fun stuff in life. Just measure how many times a day you climb and descend your staircase – especially if your toilet is on an upper floor. 

And do you creak and limp downstairs first thing, thanks to stiff muscles and joints?

Imagine not having to do that, with all your rooms (and loo) configured beautifully and conveniently on one floor. That must surely be one of the best advantages of single storey living in retirement!

Plan ahead for limited mobility

Moving to a single storey home while you are still fit and able makes sense too, as preparation for the day you or your partner find stairs “a step too far”. 

Stair lifts can be costly and intrusive. Removing the presence of stairs from your home means you can go from room to room smoothly using simple mobility aids, when the time comes.

Down with housework!

Hands up anyone who enjoys cleaning stairs? Hoovers never seem to get to every crease or side, do they? And stair carpets seem to be absolute fluff magnets!

Now imagine never having to worry about that problem again. Single storey living removes one of the biggest housework chores you face. In fact, as it generally involves a simpler to manage layout your entire list of cleaning tasks could get smaller.

So, no stairs means having more energy AND more time to engage in hobbies, interests and adventures!

Saving on household bills

There’s another thing you can add to that pleasant scenario. The opportunity to create more money for fun in retirement!

Moving to a comfortable but compact single storey home means less space to heat. And less lights to be left on. We all know how awful gas and electric bills can be in winter months. Having a well insulated single storey home means not losing vital cash through your roof.

Location, location

Of course, any property you buy as you get older should be of the standard you deserve after years of working, and in the perfect spot with everything you need on your “doorstep”.

One of the joys of single storey homes is that they are often clustered in superbly appointed and ideal locations for older people. Especially Yarwell Mill Country Park, in Peterborough, which offer “singularly” wonderful low level homes for even people with the “highest” expectations.

Watch this video to see how Yarwell Mill Country Park residents, Terry and Sylvia, part exchanged their home, downsized and have never looked back.

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