Keeping In Touch With Workplace Friends In Retirement

Keeping in touch with your workplace circle of friends in retirement

Friendships forged at work can last a lifetime and maintaining contact with those people we used to see every day at work is a good way to maintain a varied circle of social contacts in retirement. But keeping in touch with workplace buddies becomes that little bit harder once our working days are behind us.

For many of us, the workplace is where we will have made many of our social connections, whether it's co-workers, teammates, customers, suppliers or peers. Those we have worked with are often those we shared our daily lives with. Family stories, holiday snaps, daily challenges and successes. And some of those connections become true enduring friendships. But after retirement it can become all too easy to lose touch with those we were once so close to each day.

Like all friendships, keeping workplace connections alive requires contact. But with mobile phones, social media and email, it has never been easier to maintain contact with friends who have been so important during our working lives.

Keeping in touch helps the transition to retirement

For many people, losing touch with a workplace circle of friends can be a little daunting. The transition from busy days filled with people to a quieter retirement life can seem a lonely possibility. Maintaining those friendships and organising to meet up with friends from our working days can help retirees adjust.

Before you leave work, take the time to organise some meet-ups with those you wish to stay in contact with. Otherwise, once you have retired it can feel a little awkward getting back in touch after a period of time. Arranging a lunch once or twice a month is easy to do but also keep in contact in between so you have plenty to talk about when you do meet. Remember, those work friends who matter most will be keen to know how you’re getting on in your retirement.

Keeping in touch with workplace friends in retirementReinvent those workplace connections

The dynamics between yourself and workplace friends may change after you’ve retired. But you can seize this as an opportunity to reinvent the relationships you had with those at work. You’ll no longer be consumed by the daily bustle of the workplace but this doesn’t mean you’ll have nothing to talk about.

Take an interest in how your friend’s work life is going and reminiscing about notable events gone by will fill many hours of chitchat. But also take the opportunity to talk about all those other things you might not have had a chance to when you were in the workplace. You’ll be amazed at what you may learn about each other.

Ways to stay in touch

Emails and texts are easy ways to stay in touch and only take a few seconds to send. Lunches or organising to go to regular social events, shared hobbies or exercise classes are a great way to maintain friendships. Evenings out to the theatre or the cinema will help maintain your circle of friends and if you’ve retired to the country or invested in a holiday property or park home, remember your work friends will absolutely love to visit.

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