9 Part Time Jobs For Retirees


Many people nowadays choose to continue working, to some extent, after they reach retirement age. This could be to release some capital, make a little extra spending money, or it could be just to stay active in later life. Retirees who enter part-time employment often find it helps them to live the way they want, whilst maintaining the time they have to spend with their family and avoid becoming isolated in the community. Interacting with people keeps you intellectually and emotionally stimulated, which is great for mental and physical health. There's lots of useful information on releasing equity from your home in our blog, or why not consider these 9 part-time jobs for retirees?

jobs for retirees

1. Earn money driving your car

A car and a clean driving licence should be enough to access part-time work. Most retirees know their local area well so becoming a taxi driver or using online minicab services like Uber allow you to be a cab driver who makes up their own hours. With Uber, simply turn on the app and start taking orders in your area, and stop whenever suits you.

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2. Become a tour guide

If you're a people person, you could make a perfect tour guide. Local museums and heritage sites are the places to find this type of work. You will be given some training, then sent forth to tell stories and spread your knowledge about artefacts and locations. If you are patient and caring, with a positive spirit and extrovert nature, try searching for job openings near you.

3. Work at special events

Special events often require part-time staff - think charity dos, sports matches and concerts. Venues need staff to manage the crowds, and this type of work will allow you to experience the events themselves while earning some money. Know your physical capabilities and only apply for roles that are within them.

jobs for retirees

4. Become a freelance writer

Blogging enables you to express yourself and can earn you some money. Freelance writing online offers retirees an opportunity to work from home. Check out companies like Upwork and Copify to find sources of paid writing work - they are leading freelance marketplaces. Or, try to capitalise on your personal blog through affiliate marketing and selling ad space.

5. Work for a non-profit organisation

Non-profits do offer paid positions, providing fulfilling work for those seeking it. Look for non-profits revolving around your passions - that way you'll get more out of what you do. You'll be doing valuable work with these companies, as well as earning an income for yourself.

6. Captain your personal vessel

Lots of retirees own boats. If you are one of them, you can earn money ferrying locals and tourists around. Companies like BoatDay need boats and captains to offer this service to their customers - have a look at them online to see for yourself. If you do opt to use your boat to earn money, be sure to take out liability insurance to cover yourself!

7. Become a personal assistant

The busiest of businessmen/women often hire personal assistants to help with admin. This can often be done remotely, via the internet. This role would require you to make travel arrangements, respond to emails, shop for items, and generally get things done. Your maturity will likely be considered an asset for this, so start looking at job listings if this idea is appealing.


8. Try working in retail

The retail sector frequently needs part-time staff, particularly during busy seasons. Picking up temporary part-time work at this time will give you some extra income, and could lead to a permanent position if you get on well. Look around major stores in shopping centres and high streets for retail roles. You may find yourself working a cash register, greeting customers or stocking shelves.

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9. Become a teaching assistant

Also known as learning support assistants, teaching assistants help teachers with duties in the classroom. They also help to ensure all the children stay included in lessons. Nowadays, qualifications are generally required for these roles (GNVQs, BTECs, etc.), which can be acquired through adult education centres. You will learn how to work with children with special educational needs, amongst other things. Even if this becomes a full-time role, you will enjoy earlier finishes and school holidays off work to spend time with your children and grandchildren.

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