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As people get older they can often find themselves in homes that are no longer fit for purpose.

Maybe the children have all flown the nest or getting up and down those stairs is too much of a struggle - whatever the situation, many people find themselves having to downsize. In this blog, we uncover some of the ways you can keep your independence with Park Home Living...

The stress of change

Trying to find a new home in a new community can be a challenge. You may find yourself isolated, alone and having to adjust to a new way of living without a community around you to give you the support that you might need. Not only that, but you may have moved from your monthly working income to your lower pension income. This can make living more difficult as you struggle with higher costs.

It’s at this stage where many can lose their independence by moving into a new unknown area, moving in with family or having to cut down on social costs as they no longer have the same level of disposable income.

How a Park Home can help

This is where the benefits of living in a park home really come to life. They are a perfect balance between finding a great social environment, keeping your independence while reducing costs in the process. No longer will you find yourself in a big empty home that used to be full of life, you’ll find yourself in a vibrant community in a beautiful location in a home that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and needs.

Easier way of life

Maintenance in your big home can change from an essential part of modern life to a complete burden. Vacuuming the whole house, cutting the grass and cleaning the windows can become huge chores that you may find an increasing struggle. The maintenance of a smaller Park Home, however, is much less intensive and can be as little as lightly dusting, meaning those prior worries can disappear in the relaxed and secure environment that a park home offers. You can continue to have your full independence, but with a better quality of life and fewer money worries.

If you want the best of both worlds, then a Park Home is the perfect choice for you to spend your well-earned retirement.

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