How safe is a Park Home?

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When we finally reach our retirement, we want to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy it with our family. Nowadays, safety and security is a big concern, especially as we get older and become less mobile. If you are looking for a carefree retirement, how about downsizing your home to move to a park home?

Below we look into a few of the safety and security options in place as standard at Leisure Parks UK Country Parks and answer the question 'how safe is a park home?'

Security at its best

Upon arrival to the Country Parks, there are security gates with number plate recognition cameras in place to monitor the vehicles accessing the site to ensure the safety of the park residents is upheld at all times. CCTV is in operation 24/7 throughout the Country Parks to give you extra peace of mind while your grandchildren are outside playing.

Close community and on site assistance

For added reassurance, we have a fantastic close-knit community who look out for one another. With familiar passing faces, you can be rest assured that you are living in a friendly neighborhood with like-minded people. You can also find the attention of the site manager if and when needed as they are on site seven days a week.

Safe and out of harm's way

Throughout our sites we have fitted smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in our Park Homes. You can read more about carbon monoxide and its effects here. Our gas supply has also been installed in accordance with the safety requirements of UK legislation, the associated Industry Codes of Practice and British/European Standard.

As you can see, park home safety and security is taken seriously on site so you can make the most of your retirement without added stress. Downsizing your home means less maintenance and lower utility costs, giving you more money to enjoy your time with.


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