The Health Benefits of Park Home Living

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Living in a Park Home is a great opportunity for an exciting new start, but it could also be a great thing for your health and wellbeing. As you get older, health tends to become more of a concern, and living in a place that encourages your health and wellbeing can be a brilliant choice. 

In this blog, we look at a few of the health benefits of Park Home living...

Active lifestyle

Set in beautiful locations in the English countryside, Park Homes are perfect for encouraging you to get out and about. Staying active as you get older is so important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and there are loads of great options to stay active in one of our parks. From bike rides to quaint nearby villages and walks in the beautiful grounds, you may even want to try canoeing! Your park home is your own space, and we totally respect your privacy. However, if you want to be more involved and try some new things, there is a wide range of activities that you can take part in too.

Mental health

It's not just physical health that can benefit from living in a Park Home, it can also be a great choice for your mental health and wellbeing. Being in a calm, tranquil environment is perfect for those who struggle to relax after being used to high paced jobs. Social isolation can be a real concern for people as they get older and living in a friendly, peaceful environment full of like minded individuals can be a huge help with this. Our parks are perfect for making friends for life, and our friendly, village atmosphere makes it easy to fit in and meet new people. 

Specially designed 

Whether you choose one of our beautifully designed selection or decide to design your own Park Home, you can live somewhere that's purpose built for you and your needs. Whether accessibility is an issue for you, you'd prefer living on one floor or your current home isn't easy for you, there's plenty of reasons why a Park Home could be a great option. Our modern, central-heated homes, like those you can find at Yarwell Mill Country Park in Cambridgeshire, mean you can always be warm when you need to, and because our homes are newly built, those difficult jobs that come with older houses aren't going to be a concern.

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