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Retirement looks different to different people - what is always common though, is the desire to enjoy your time. For people with a family, this often means enjoying this time with your children or grandchildren.

We have put together some ideas for you to try out - some of them you might have thought of already, but hopefully, there are a few ideas in here!

1. Take the family on a holiday

A family holiday is a common retirement theme. People have worked their whole lives and deserve a break - taking your kids and grandkids away with you as an excellent way to improve the experience.

The best thing? It doesn't even matter where you go! Spending time together is always entertainment enough and whether there's wind or rain, you're sure to have an amazing time.

family business

2. Start or help with a business!

Retirement may seem like an odd time to do this, but it's not uncommon. If a member of your family is running a business, then why not get involved. The benefits here are countless, with your experience almost certainly useful. It also means that you might be able to try something out that you've never tried before!

Likewise, the benefit can also be found in staying busy - though retirement might be a great time to kick back and relax, this isn't always for everyone. Working with family in a business that they have started can be a truly exhilarating option!

grandad and grandchild

3. Downsize to be nearby

If your family live in a different area to you, then this might be a nice choice. Downsizing has benefits of its own, often providing an extra injection of cash to help you enjoy your retirement. But the main benefit here will be proximity.

Retirement offers you time to spend with the ones you love, but that can be difficult if you don't live nearby! By moving closer you and them can do more together, without needing to constantly book trains or plan road trips.

Moving can also be a great way to shake things up nicely, especially if you've always lived in the same area! 

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