Top 5 Features of a Dream Retirement Home

top 5 features of a retirement home

One of the greatest blessings of retirement is the ability to relax and enjoy life at your own pace. Once your family has grown up and moved out, it makes sense to downsize to a space which is just yours, and offers you all of the features of the dream home you’ve always wanted. A Leisure Parks Luxury Living Country Park is home to a variety of luxurious retirement homes with the following features: 


A retirement home doesn’t have to mean living by someone else’s rules. In a Park Home, residents live independently in homes of their own, within a close community of older people. Park managers are available to provide help and support as required, but residents are also able to lead their own lives.


Unfortunately, elderly homeowners are a common target for break-ins, but one of the benefits of living on a Country Park Home is the extra security you enjoy. Security features such as a manned gate house, CCTV and a close-knit circle of residents means that all residents enjoy a completely secure way of life, without impacting on their sense of freedom.


Community is one of the most important features of any home in retirement. Older people tend to find it harder to meet new people, but with a group of like-minded, friendly people living close by, as well as excellent facilities, social clubs and get-togethers, there are plenty of ways to make friends!


What’s the point in working hard your whole life if you can’t enjoy a little luxury in later years? All of the homes available at Yarwell Mill Country Park are beautifully designed. Residents are able to choose from one of the ready-made, stunningly decadent properties, or design their dream home themselves, with help from a dedicated team.


Luxury cannot be truly enjoyed without being affordable. With the Leisure Parks Luxury Living Home Exchange Scheme potential residents can use equity on their existing property to buy a park home, and you’ll be aided by dedicated estate agents and solicitors to ensure you get a fair and reasonable price. Any leftover money is then handed over in cash so that you can begin your new life in style!

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