Cost of owning a Park Home

Many of the questions we receive from potential owners are around costs, and rightly so. Can I afford to do this, will the home drop in value, and much more. Well we are pleased to say that if you can afford to run a "normal" home then you will be able to afford to do own and run a Park
The homes do not tend to drop in value by much at all, in fact many pre owned units are almost the same price as our new models.
Some recent research with 2 separate residents with different homes have shown that in a cost comparison the overall running of a home is not drastically different. Yarwell Mill is shown to be £25 per month more expensive than that of a "normal" house, and when you take into consideration many use our Part Exchange service to become Mortgage Free and receive cash back on their old homes too, it really can make financial sense to come to one of our stunning Residential Parks.Five Steps to Prepare for a Fantastic Retirementjpg
Not only can the numbers make sense but living in a new home under warranty, no pressure of maintenance of the home or grounds, driveways and more, A park home really does begin to make total sense.
To start your journey into the world of Park Homes why not call or email to find out more.

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