10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Park Home Living

At present, there are over 250,000 people in Britain who enjoy park home living. They are the ideal choice for many who are able to live comfortably in a modern park home for a fraction of the cost of a traditional house. Most commonly they are an attractive retirement option for those who are looking to simplify their living situation and save money.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider park home living:

park home affordability

1: Affordability

Perhaps the biggest advantage is the cost of owning a residential park home. It's significantly lower than that of a traditional property without the need to sacrifice luxury or comfort and they're often set in a beautiful location too! If you're looking to downsize or choose a retirement property, a park home can be a great way to release some much-needed equity. You can even part exchange your existing home at market value fast and efficiently with Leisure Parks UK.


park home quality of life

2: Fantastic quality of life

For those who value their independence and space, a park home can offer a great quality of life. In fact, quite often people find they can achieve a better quality of life for a much lower cost by moving from their traditional home to a park home.


park home community

3: The community feel

Park home living is a fantastic option for those who enjoy a community spirit. Traditional neighbourhoods are not what they used to be, but the secluded, picturesque community at a residential park home site is the perfect place for it. This is partly due to the older age of residents, as many have a minimum age requirement.


park home safety and security

4: Safety and security

For those who are concerned about safety, a park home is a great option. They are often set out of the way with only the residents located in the area. The community feel is in part responsible as everyone tends to look out for each other - especially important for those in their senior years.


park home energy efficiency

5: Energy efficiency

Not only does it cost less to own a park home, they're also incredibly energy efficient! This, of course, leads to low monthly bills and a warmer, more comfortable home all year round. An attractive option for those who are looking to minimise their outgoings without sacrificing their comfort.

park home maintenance

6: Low maintenance and upkeep needs

By their very design, park homes are low maintenance and will require very little in the way of repairs. They're constructed using modern materials and techniques that ensure maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum. A great advantage for those who want to enjoy a hassle free lifestyle.

minimal council tax with a park home
7: Minimal council tax

As if low cost of ownership and lower than usual energy bills weren't enough, you will also pay the minimum in council tax. Most park homes are Band A, which is the minimum amount that can be paid. This is another great way to ensure you can save some money on your monthly outgoings.


park home space

8: Plenty of space

There's nothing worse than feeling claustrophobic in your own home, which is why most park homes feature great space indoors and outdoors. Especially when compared to most traditional homes that are more expensive. Residential park homes also offer a sizeable piece of land in between each home, so everybody owns a detached property! Many parks also feature sizeable, picturesque grounds which are great for walks and leisure purposes.

park home family and friends

9: Perfect for entertaining family and friends

Family and friends are more than welcome to visit and stay at most park home residential sites, although each may have their own rules. Guests will enjoy your comfortable property, community spirit and beautiful grounds just as much as you will. Children in the family, such as grandchildren, nieces and nephews, will especially love playing in the wide open spaces offered on site.

park home independence
10: They're perfect for independence

With a single storey layout and other residents always close by should you need help, a park home is the perfect place for independence. As many of the residents are retirement age or older, park home residential sites are often landscaped and designed to make life as easy as possible. Park homes are a fantastic place to enjoy your retirement years without any of the worries that come with a traditional house.


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