Why You Should Consider Living In A Park Home

Yarwell Mill Country Park Homes

Living in a Park Home comes with a host of benefits, not least of which include the reduced responsibilities of owning a large house and any inconveniences that come along with living in an overpopulated neighbourhood. Let's take a look at a few...

Peace of mind and surrounds

If you are concerned about your security and safety in your current location, then a residential park home should settle your fears. Like all Leisure Parks Luxury Living Country Parks, Yarwell Mill Country Park offers park homes that are only able to be accessed by authorised people with visitors required to check in and out. Their very location in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside means Yarwell Mill Country Park homes are ideally a restful and quiet place to be.

Cost-effective choice

The low cost of Park Homes is ideal for retired individuals on a reduced income. Thanks to being equipped with modern insulation and appliances, this style of accommodation is an affordable and energy efficient choice. What's more, fully furnished Park Homes reduce any additional expenditure. Park Homes also require little maintenance which can be done on yearly basis.

Compliance built-in

If you want a retirement property which is compliant, then rest assured that Leisure Parks Luxury Living Park Homes are all licensed and approved by the relevant authorities. Some of the homes are even designed with the specific needs of aged people or those with accessibility requirements in mind. The costs associated with buying a Yarwell Mill Country Park Home differ per home but they are lower compared to buying traditional homes. Park Homes owners are also protected by the Mobile Home Acts 2013, giving homeowners rights which protect them when they are residing in park homes.

If you have been searching for a park home to buy, Yarwell Mill Country Park has the best park homes at an affordable price. Yarwell Mill Country Park has different choices for home styles and for varying budgets. See below for our current promotion at Yarwell Mill and watch the video to see why Yarwell Mill is the perfect place to retire!.

To arrange a viewing at Yarwell Mill Country Park, or to 'Try before you buy' with a FREE 2 night pitch at Yarwell Mill, click below... 

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