An Ideal Solution to the Chronic Shortage in Retirement Homes

shortage in quality retirement homes

Many people are aware that the UK has an ageing population, but it is quickly becoming apparent that there is a chronic shortage in quality retirement homes.

There are numerous reports from companies such as Saga, which have found that many retirees would like to downsize into more practical accommodation, but are struggling to find viable options, with many older retirees claiming they are forced to hold on to larger properties which they no longer need. This is having a knock-on effect across the housing market, as younger generations are struggling to find and afford larger properties. 

There is a variety of building companies building attractive retirement accommodation to try and ease the pressure on the housing market. Although many of these retirement homes offer luxury accommodation, some people are reluctant to make the shift to what is often perceived as a care home environment. This is where park homes can provide an excellent solution. It is widely known that park home sites offer flexible housing with beautiful surroundings, on-site facilities and a group of like-minded neighbours, all while providing independence and the comforts of home ownership.

A common concern many people have when considering downsizing is the cost of retirement-appropriate housing. Most retirees want to free up funds to enjoy their work-free years but buying a standard retirement property often doesn't leave enough cash for comfort. A park home can be a much cheaper alternative, but still gives owners the assurance of owning their own home.

Leading property experts Knight Frank estimate that only 1% of new homes built are designed for the elderly, which is not enough for our population. Park home developments are much more sustainable options as they can meet the needs of local towns in a quicker and more flexible way, to suit the local demand as and when it is required. 

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