Guide to Buying a Bespoke Home tailored to me


If you are ready to swap familiarity for the home of your dreams, you are likely to be very careful about where your new property is, how it looks, and what's inside. For those eager to make a getaway to some of the UK's most idyllic locations, you needn't compromise on the details.

If your priority is to "buy a bespoke home tailored to me", Leisure Parks UK stands ready to show you around a range of brand new properties set in countryside locations in the South East of England. From the riverside Yarwell Mill Country Park in Cambridgeshire to the Hayes Country Park, nestled in the beautiful Essex countryside, we offer homes set not only in breathtakingly beautiful countryside, but with a unique community feel.


You are given so many options with a tailored park home, from the several different design styles to varying plots, we can steer you to the model which is right for you, and offer a whole host of interior design options, from specially designed kitchens to studies and living rooms.

There are no more quintessentially British settings than our seven locations. Because our homes are taken by both residential and leisure occupants, the leisure parks have a unique holiday atmosphere all year round. And you are within touching distance of some of England's best leisure destinations.


Take our Pilgrim's Retreat Country Park in Kent, it is only a short journey away from Canterbury with all its historical charm. Or Five Furlongs Country Park, set close to Scotney Castle and some of the best fishing locations in the country.


If one of your New Year's resolutions for 2016 is to "find a home tailored to me", allow Leisure Parks UK to present to you some of the most sought after secluded properties in the country, and make one your own.

Click below to download your free step-by-step guide about things you should consider when buying a park home...

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