Top 10 Benefits of Downsizing your home


There are many reasons why homeowners choose to downsize - many advantages can be enjoyed by choosing a more compact living space. Here are ten benefits of downsizing your home:

1. Save energy

Less rooms means less space to heat, ultimately resulting in lower bills. The Energy Saving Trust has many tips for saving energy at home.

2. The dawn of a new era

Downsizing can mark the beginning of a new phase in your life. Have your children grown up and left home? Downsizing can give you the space you need, without rooms you don't.

3. Get around

By swapping a multi-level home for one on a single floor, you can make everyday life a lot easier, without the constant clambering up the stairs!

4. Keep organised

You will be amazed by the absence of clutter when you live in a smaller home. A compact living area allows you to organise your belongings a lot better, and shed some items you have no need for.

5. Free up finances

Have some travelling planned? A wise way of making finances available is to downsize and part exchange your home and enjoy the proceeds.

6. Reason to relocate

There are many smaller homes in idyllic locations across the UK. You can cash in on your city-based home and enjoy the charms of the countryside.

7. Less can be more

Downsizing homeowners inevitably need less furniture, but they can make sure the furniture they do invest in is of the highest quality.

8. Enjoy community living

For many, the benefits of downsizing include less isolated living. Rather than being fenced off from the world, come and live side by side with your neighbours and feel part of the community.

9. Give more to your garden

The English spring and summer is a glorious time to be outdoors, and many residents that downsize to a smaller home actually do so to enjoy a bigger garden area. Here are some ideas for furnishing your garden, put together by B&Q.

10. Make maintenance simple

A smaller home means every day chores around the house become easy.ursuits you've been planning for years but don't spend so much time planning that you forget to enjoy living!


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