20 Things You Must Do in Your Retirement

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Retirement is a time for relaxation, comfort - and adventure. How you choose to make the most of it is down to your personal interests, tastes and the funds available to you, but here are 20 things you must do in your retirement while you have the chance.


1. Book a cruise for two

Sailing the world is a dream every couple has. Now you have the time and money, make it a reality.


2. Explore Britain’s heritage

The UK has some wonderful history in its many towns and cities that you can now see for yourself.



3. Travel a safari

There are countless wonderful animals out there, make sure you see them while they’re still here.



4. See the Northern Lights

No sight in the world is more stunning than the Aurora Borealis.


5.Gamble in Las Vegas

Because you only live once - and is a better reason really needed?



6. Dive in exotic waters

The Maldives, the Red Sea, the Great Barrier Reef - the world has so much to offer beneath the waves.


7. Trek the Great Wall of China

Maybe not the whole distance, but it’s worth walking along this monument to feel the weight of its history.


8. Visit Machu Picchu

If you’re jet-setting to see other civilisations, don’t forget the ones from the past.


9. See the pyramids

Have there ever been more impressive shrines to the ingenuity of human engineering?


10. Have a second honeymoon

It’s the pinnacle of your love life, so why only have it once?


11. Help your family

Whether kids or grandchildren, everyone needs a leg up to help fulfil their ambitions every now and again.


12. Inter-rail around Europe

They say it’s only for students and kids. Prove them wrong.



13. Soar the skies in a balloon

Because there are more peaceful ways to see the clouds than on a plane.


14. Hike in the Lake District

As one of England’s most splendid beauties, the Lake District can bring you serenity at any stage in life.



15. See Paris once again

It’s the city of love, so what better place to rekindle marital feelings.


16. Tour London

There’s a reason they say if you’re bored of London, then you’re bored of life.


17. Journey through a rainforest

They are the Earth’s lungs - breath in their glory for yourself.



18. Learn an instrument

Who says you’re too old to be cool?


19. Treat each other

Restaurant nights out, gifts: you can be a romantic yet again.


20. Downsize

You don’t need a big house without the kids anymore, so bring in some extra money by downsizing to a park home and enjoy single storey living.

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